HP iPAQ hx2790

August 12th, 2007

There's nothing that makes me more happy than some new embedded device which can run Linux...

I've started working with Linux port on HP iPAQ hx2790 device. All already existing images for hx2000 family had issues with screen (image was right shifted). I've emerged cross toolchain and installed OpenEmbedded tree. After some mangling the screen issue was solved and kernel prepared for future modifications. It would be cool to run IrDA, BT and Wi-fi... for now I'm fighting with building images with OE.

Preliminary images can be found here

Comment by aardvark

submitted on August 14th, 2007 at 08:27

,, Zanabyłem zabaweczkę. "


Comment by Javier

submitted on October 13th, 2008 at 14:15

Hi there, I've tried your files (several months ago), the SD version, and got it working sucessfull, but I see a wide vertical line (ort light) on the right side of the screen..
Anyway, my post is to let you know that I have a hx2790 (192MB ROM+64MB Ram), in case you want to test further progress of you images. I also offer my help to you on anything you need to get this working. I have few knowledge about linux and very few about embeeded version in a technical side, but know the concept at least.
Are you going to work on this? please dont give up! the community needs this...

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