Simple fix for HID Manta MM821 gamepad / driver

January 12th, 2011

Each gamepad for PS3 seems to need a bit different fix/activation routine to run under PC/Linux. No idea why. I've seen already 2-3 fixes on the internet, but none worked with my gamepad. So, if you have one of the Manta gamepads (MM821 is mine) you can try this program.

Plug'N'Play instructions:

  • Download a tarball activate_mm821.tar.gz
  • Unpack it, read README, and compile it
  • Plug gamepad in, ensure it's detected by hid_sony module and that you can see /dev/input/jsX. 4 leds on the device might blink now and no data will be read from device.
  • Run compiled program (./activate) and have hope
  • If everything went fine only first LED will be turned on and jstest /dev/input/jsX can show some incoming data

Three days later...

activate_driver.c is an activation gamepad program with additional simple driver. It parses USB HID protocol directly and can control gamepad force-feedback (which generic Linux driver doesn't seem to be able to control in this device) and reads almost all gamepad buttons analog values instead of simple pressed/released. It also does a fake software PWM to control a power of right force-feedback which seems (odd!) binary and not analog unlike the left one.

You can't use this as a driver for gaming though. I'd have to rewrite it as a kernel module. Maybe...

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