Three simple cases of neural networks

January 20th, 2011

Project for university. Neural network for character detection, for stock prediction and for image compression (Kohonen network). Stock_0.1.tar.gz. Has Qt4 interface, matplotlib plots, and Kohonen part uses Cython to speed up operations. Screenshots included.

Currently detecting digits 0-9 from 4 learnt fonts; image was modified by hand and is still recognized as '4'. Once the network is trained it can detect similar fonts it has never seen before

Network error plot. It's clearly seen that during the training the average network error drops.

Kohonen network compressing image of a bird. Theoretically program should work with color images as well as grayscale, but we've never tested it.

Stock configuration

Some stock closings plot

Program, when used from the console can be used to test some really weird and complicated stock prediction systems.

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