April 7th, 2007

Indeed: why? Why have I decided to start site like this?

I guess there were few reasons:

  • I was too rarely updating my previous site, which I made to learn few things about PHP/CSS/XHTML. Yet there were some things I wanted to post somewhere and never could find a proper place for them.

  • I like it when somebody can see my work and comment it. Tell me what should I change or what does he like about the idea. However it does not happen too often.
  • Another question I'd like to answer is “Why is this site kept in English?”

    I'm a native Polish speaker and writing bigger parts of English text takes me definitely more time than it does in Polish. What's more, there's going to be a huge amount of language mistakes or other stupid expressions. I can't help it, but hey! Nobody's perfect. I'm not ashamed of my English level.

    So well, this site is written in English purely because of one reason: most people who might be interested in its contents can read English but not Polish, while people who can read Polish can also read English. Simple.

    I'm also going to write few Polish texts like a "Short OCaml Introduction".

    I just hope I'll manage to do this.

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