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Three simple cases of neural networks

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January 20th, 2011

Project for university. Neural network for character detection, for stock prediction and for image compression (Kohonen network). Stock_0.1.tar.gz. Has Qt4 interface, matplotlib plots, and Kohonen part uses Cython to speed up operations. Screenshots included.

Simple fix for HID Manta MM821 gamepad / driver

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January 12th, 2011

Each gamepad for PS3 seems to need a bit different fix/activation routine to run under PC/Linux. No idea why. I've seen already 2-3 fixes on the internet, but none worked with my gamepad. So, if you have one of the Manta gamepads (MM821 is mine) you can try this program.

Inverted pendulum, balancing robot

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October 12th, 2008

It was a very long-timed project, albeit not a very intensive one. The robot was developed pretty slowly: if I'd place photos of each version in a line it would resemble homo sapiens evolution chart... the first and the current version differ even more then monkey and human. One film, some source code and brief description follow.

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