You can contact me via my public email address bla(at)thera[dot]be. Just try to distinguish yourself from spam. I have a PGP key. You can download it from most keyservers - ID C009FC9BD59B22FE

Regarding github-hosted projects you can contact me using issues on GH. I can be found on Linkedin too (but I check it once a month tops).

About this page

"" was originally created in 2007 when I was learning Django. It amazingly worked by itself, untouched, until 2018 when I decided to migrate the servers and decided that I don't want to update an ancient django and neither I really need a dynamic page.

This page is still powered by Python - static page generator Pelican - but currently I can just edit markdown or org-files in Emacs and ignore django admin panel with cumbersome textareas.

I don't really write a quality material, but sometimes I just want to dump some idea somewhere. Github not always is the best place to do it.